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Our Mission

Our mission is to instill empathy by helping children recognize difficulties and struggles in a new light of awareness and self-actualization.


Smart Hearts for Kids is a values themed program with educational products and services designed to strengthen emotional intelligence through evidence based skills and tools. As we work with schools, churches, humanitarian and social outreach organizations, Emotional Super Powers builds resilience, strengthening the whole child. We can combat the emotional and physical effects of modern life that may lead to chronic stress, anxiety, depression and suicide.

We believe, as Frankl showed, that “the pursuit of happiness must include learning how to live with and learn from adversity.” Emotional Super Powers teaches the child to quiet his or her inner world so that the discovery of meaning can be had in a language today’s child readily understands.

As the engine of personal transformation is fueled through developing cognitive thinking, awakening emotionally, and encouraging collaborative social efforts, educating children to see what they can be, enlists the heart and the mind empowering the whole child through a connected, harmonious language. This language will create leaders who have learned to manage emotion in an intelligent, thoughtful and skilled manner. They will lead fearlessly with compassion, empathy, confidence, wisdom, and power as they embrace a new light of awareness. With these universally sound practices, healing and hope will ripple out in broader and broader circles to mend the fabric of our global community. 

We invite you to engage in the spirit of personal transformation, which empowers each of us to do our part as we elevate the human condition.