Emotional Super Powers for Teachers


Congratulations to Denece Kitto for her outstanding committment to teaching!

 Mrs. Kitto's 3rd grade class at Timpanogos elementary has been learning how to manage emotions by using "Emotional Super Powers." To celebrate all of the hard work the students have done, authors Pam Robinson and Rachelle Castor surprised the class with a special visit and some fun activities! 

Emotional Super Powers is a book designed for young children and encourages kids to recognize their emotions and then choose how to respond to those emotions by giving them tools that can help them manage their emotions wisely. The authors visited the school to award the class the Presidential Award for doing such a great job at following the book's advice.  Mrs. Kitto was given the award, which included a certificate and a bouquet of flowers, and each student was given a cape and mask so they would continue the work of being their own super heros!


Teacher Training Event

Additional Information

Watch this teacher training video where you will learn how to integrate Emotional Super Powers into your school district. Class includes journaling pages for your students. Click the button below to download.