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4-Week Challenge


Sustainable Emotional Health is POSSIBLE!

 We hope you and your family will join us as we embark on a journey to JOY. Would you like to increase mindfulness and emotional intelligence with your children? Want to learn some fun yoga poses for kids? Ready for a family "make over?" If so, read on and take our 30-Day Challenge! 


STEP 1 - Purchase the Emotional Super Powers Book

  • Click the Emotional Super Powers book image to purchase this book from our store. 
  • See page 4 for a list of emotional super powers. 
  • As a family, choose the emotional super power you would like to work on first.


STEP 2 - Set Your Own Pace

  • Read and study the emotional super power together as a family. Do this at your own pace. Any time you or your family experience an emotional disruption (or you sense one is on the way) take the challenge to: STOP, LOOK & LISTEN (more info on this in the Parenting Tips section below).
  • When ready, select the next super power to work on and repeat. 


STEP 3 - Use the Super Power Tools

  • Use the tools and suggestions listed in the book to help you master your chosen super power. There are mindfulness activities and other emotional super hero activities located throughout the book. 
  • If you are sharing a book as a family and need additional journal pages for your children, feel free to download and print off as many copies as you need in the Journaling Pages section below.
  • Use the journal pages, essential oil tips and suggested yoga poses to help create mindfulness and increase emotional intelligence in your home.
  • Listen to the original song “My Own Superhero.” (Click the music sheet image to access the song on our YouTube channel). Learn the words to the song (found on pages 62-63). Use the song as a tool to help diffuse contention or arguing and bring harmony and love into any situation. 

Tips & Tools


Additional Activity Ideas

Additional Activity Ideas

Additional Activity Ideas

Ages 2-5.


Journaling Pages

Additional Activity Ideas

Additional Activity Ideas

Print extra sets of journaling pages for siblings or your classrooms here.


Parenting Tips

Additional Activity Ideas

Parenting Tips

Needs tips? Find help here.

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